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Meet Chef / Manager Aunty Kona

Kona Keitell, known on the team as "Aunty Kona" "Aunty K" or "K is for Kitchen", is Bafa Resort's Kitchen Manager and a team leader for the Resort. Respected by all as one of Bafa's top "Iron Ladies", Aunty Kona plays a critical role in ensuring that guests always ensure the best out of Bafa's kitchen and from our team.

Aunty Kona cleaning rice.

Personal Profile: Although Aunty Kona only had the opportunity to complete formal school through Grade 2, she excels as a Manager at the Resort and oversees all operations of our kitchen including approving daily menus and purchasing. A mother of four and resident of Banana Island, Aunty Kona was the first Bafa employee to benefit from our maternity policy, receiving three months paid leave after giving birth to Baby Augusta in August 2018 (pictured below).

Aunty Kona with Baby Augusta

Biggest lesson learned while working at Bafa: Responsibility. I am only successful as a chef and a manager because I've learned how to be responsible and to hold others responsible.

Recommendation for our guests: Guests shouldn't leave Banana Island without trying our signature daily fresh ceviche or the fish fingers.

Vision for Bafa Resort: To be "number 1" in tourism and offer the best food in Sierra Leone. I hope every guest leaves Banana Island saying that Bafa gave them the best food they have ever had.

Personal ambition: To take my chef skills and what I've learned and open my own restaurant some day.

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