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Meet Captain Osman

Osman Jalloh, known on the team as "Tolo", is Bafa Resort's Captain and expert on all things aquatic on Banana Islands. With a huge smile and more than a decade of experience hosting tourists on Banana Island, Osman is proud to be the first welcoming face many of our guests see as they come to Banana.

Captain Osman showing off his morning Baracuda catch.

Personal Profile: Captain Osman is a father of five and has worked with Bafa Resort for four seasons, starting as an anchor-man and tour guide and now working as Bafa's lead Captain. Osman lives on Banana Island, but his income from Bafa supports all of his children to attend school in Waterloo. Although Osman didn't have much formal education, he is well-versed in tourism service and is trained to be both a waiter and a tour guide for Bafa. Osman, an experienced fisherman, is also training with Coach Wissam to be a safety diver to support free divers and spear fishermen/women.

Osman and Coach Wissam showing off a freshly caught Jack. Osman always accompanies Coach Wissam on his dives and is training to become a safety diver.

Biggest lesson learned while working at Bafa: I am proud to now be a boat captain, responsible for Bafa's four boats. Before working at Bafa, I knew fishing but I didn't know how to professionally captain a boat. I've learned a lot in my four years with Bafa.

Recommendation for our guests: I love fishing, but I really have to recommend that guests try free-diving and spear fishing!

Vision for Bafa Resort: I want Bafa to grow and be a top tourism global tourism destination. Because of Bafa and our service, people around the world - from America, Europe, Africa - will all be talking about Banana Islands in Sierra Leone.

Personal ambition: To be able to support all of my family and their goals. To do this, I want to continue growing in my working place and pushing it to the next level. When the Resort grows, I personally grow and can give more to my family.

Osman receiving a certificate from Bafa 'Bosslady' Emily for providing excellent service to the US Ambassador to Sierra Leone.

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